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Achievement of Personal Success

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Demonstrate your success at implementing or promoting cloud technology, management principles or processes. This can be a significant sale, product development/launch or marketing effort. *

Give one example of how you have innovated in the cloud space and shunned the status quo. *

Empowering Your Team to be Architects of Change in the Cloud Space

How have you created a corporate vision for cloud services in your organization? *

What examples can you share of your ability to motivate your employees and team members around cloud services? *

How have you lead by example? What have you done to inspire employees and team members to take risks and move ahead with regard to cloud services? *

What tools and resources have you used to shape the cloud conversation? For example, have you implemented a cloud certification requirement among your team. Have you relaunched your brand/website to include cloud services? Have you implemented a social media strategy around cloud? *

How have you evangelized cloud learning or enabled cloud education? *

Advancing the Cloud Conversation among women from the Classroom to the Boardroom

What work have you done around developing future women cloud leaders in your organization and in the industry? *

How have you advocated for other women and enabled them to learn from you in the cloud space? *

How have you mentored women in the channel – above, below and/or at your level? *